Vice President of Finance

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Niraj Patel serves North Point Hospitality as Vice President of Finance. In this role, he builds productivity and profitability through his ability to design and deliver next-generation finance management tools for all North Point’s properties. Niraj brings over 20 years of experience in accounting to provide effective analysis and report building, and leads all matters related to property taxes, insurance, construction budgeting and cost tracking, loan packages and monthly construction draws. He is especially strong in problem solving and analyzing data to find accounting information to allow officers to course-direct business at a moment’s notice. Niraj has a successful record of demonstrating the use and application of technical best practices to companies to improve recordkeeping and produce reports that meet audit and regulatory requirements.
Niraj earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance from Carleton University and his CPA membership is through the American Institute of CPAs.

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